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Subject: SEVP Notice – urgent action required


TO: Ivy Students


We have sent you (currently enrolled Ivy students) emails four times regarding the SEVP Notice: U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement / SEVP has withdrawn Ivy’s SEVP-certified school status.  Ivy’s PDSO and DSO cannot access SEVIS after March 9, 2018.  The SEVP notice is for F-1 students (“nonimmigrant aliens”) only; U.S. residents are not affected at all.  ALL F-1 students who have valid I-20 issued by Ivy must take appropriate actions by 3/9/2018 (I urge you to do so by 3/7/2018 because I need at least 2 days to process your request in SEVIS), otherwise your F-1 status will be terminated by the SEVIS system. If you have further questions, contact ICE/SEVP at 703-603-3400.


Read our emails carefully and take appropriate actions immediately. ALL F-1 students who are enrolled at Ivy should transfer out to another SEVP-certified school by March 9, 2018 to maintain your F-1 status continuously, change your status to another status by March 9, 2018; or you should leave the United States in a timely manner.


I am very pleased that about thirteen hundreds of international students (from Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Columbia, Ecuador, India, Japan, Lithuania, Mexico, Mongolia, Nepal, South Korea, Poland, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Vietnam, etc.) have studied English at Ivy and improved their English skills. But it is very unfortunate for us to have a very limited time to adjust this unexpected transition. 


As usual, Ivy will do its best to help Ivy students and continue in providing educational services. Ivy plans to continue providing College-Prep programs (not associated with F-1 visa) at the current Wheeling campus. Since 1995, Ivy has provided an excellent environment for students and teachers so that Ivy students can get the help they need to achieve their dreams. Many local high school students have taken Ivy’s ACT/SAT test prep courses which aim to boost test scores for top university applications.  Also, we have helped many former F-1 students attain sufficient English proficiency in order to obtain admissions from U.S. universities and colleges.


If you need any further assistance from Ivy, send your requests or questions to We will respond promptly to your email inquiry and do our best to help your unexpected transition.


Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

Best wishes,


- Dr. Brian Yu, PDSO and President –

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