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Preparing for ACT SAT

How Ivy teaches to improve your test scores

Ivy Success teaching engages through a four-step approach to build core academic skills in Math, English and other subjects.  Ivy students will practice the six-step process for tackling complicated problems.

Join Ivy’s SAT ACT test-prep cramming courses if you want to boost your Math and English skills along with acquiring problem-solving strategies to improve your SAT ACT test scores.

You can join Ivy’s 1:1 tutoring or small group (2-4 students) classes designed for the students seeking huge score improvement.

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Preparing for the SAT/PSAT –  Better Scores Guaranteed

Join Ivy’s SAT/PSAT test-prep cramming courses if you want to boost your Math and English skills along with acquiring problem-solving strategies.

In teaching the Reading Test of the SAT

We guide students through the fundamentals by means of evidence-based discussion on given passages or articles. We teach how to determine the author’s main point and how he/she provides evidence to support his/her claims. In addition, we teach how to elucidate the meaning of a word in its context, how to interpret given graphs or data, and how to draw conclusions.

In teaching the Writing and Language Test of the SAT

We start with showing the building blocks of writing (grammar basics), such as sentence structures and subject-verb agreement. Additionally, we teach punctuation, effective sentence use (conciseness, coordination, and subordination). Based on an enriched knowledge of English grammar, we teach our students how to improve given sentences or paragraphs to sharpen an argument and provide support. Through analyzing passages, our students will revise sentences through a critical lens.

In teaching the Math Test of the SAT

Whether it is with a calculator or without, we have you covered.  Ivy instructors have the approach that whichever math problem we are honing in on, we must first analyze it and use the ability to work it out on paper before turning to the calculator.

We will introduce and/or review fundamental concepts in algebra, geometry, advanced algebra and mathematical thinking skills. Students will practice the six-step process for solving complicated story problems. As limited time is allowed on the real SAT test, we will practice solving problems efficiently on timed activities in class.

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Preparing for the ACT –  Better Scores Guaranteed

Join Ivy’s ACT test-prep cramming courses if you want to boost your Math, English and Science skills along with acquiring problem-solving strategies.

 In teaching the English (Grammar) Test of the ACT

In our ACT prep class, students will get a crash course of grammar basics, effective sentence writing and rhetorical styles. Students will practice how to revise given sentences and paragraphs to become consistent, clear, concise, and coherent. Timing will also play a factor for students to finish the exam efficiently. At Ivy, students will become acclimated to the testing conditions as they will have taken practice tests under timing and will have acquired not only required knowledge but also problem-solving skills.

In teaching the Math Test of the ACT

Ivy instructors will explain algebra, geometry and trigonometry concepts and their applications to problem solving. Students will not only be presented with worksheets of concepts that they need to review but will also brainstorm and practice the six-step process for tackling complicated story problems. Practice tests will also be provided. Once an exam is complete, the instructor will review it with the students so that no concept will be left untaught until each student is comfortable to move on.

 In teaching the Reading Test of the ACT

For the ACT Reading portion, students will be assigned a number of reading passages on different categories (prose fiction, humanities, social studies, and natural sciences) and will be timed. This portion of the exam really challenges the students on their comprehension due to the restricted time. The instructor will present a variety of passages and students will have to learn how to read quickly and efficiently. Ivy will prepare our students not waste unnecessary time on any given passage, but instead are strategically completing the exam.

 In teaching the Science (Reasoning) Test of the ACT

Ivy students will practice analyzing various charts and graphs and reasoning scientifically such as drawing conclusions based on cause and effect relationships. There are all sorts of graphs, tables and passages in this science portion which sometimes cause students to get caught off guard when their brain has to switch from one topic to the another. At Ivy, our students are well-rounded when it comes to battling the Science portion, as they will have practiced scientific reasoning skills such as interpretation of given data and understanding experimental design, etc.

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