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Proven Results

Ivy’s Proven Results – Ivy’s Success History

Dr. Brian Yu, former adjunct professor of Northwestern University, founded Ivy as a college-prep school in 1995 in Illinois, USA.

Ivy has been approved by U.S. DHS (SEVIS) to enroll international (F-1 visa) students from May 2003 to March 2018.

Since 1995, Ivy has taught hundreds of college-bound students and helped them improve their English and Math skills and obtain admissions to prestigious U.S. colleges and universities.

Ivy has taught thousands of international students and helped them achieve their dreams by improving their English (ESL or Business English) skills and/or continuing their professional development.

From Summer 2018, Ivy is focusing on

1) offering private tutoring for 6th -12th grade students in a student-centered learning environment;

2) providing test-prep (SAT and ACT) programs for college-bound students in a student-centered, small class-sized learning environment.

Ivy’s Proven Results – List of Ivy Students who have received admissions from the top universities that they wished to enter. We congratulate their successful achievements.

We hope that our students will conquer any academic challenge that comes their way.

Student Name, H.S. or City Universities Accepted
B. J,  Beloit, WI Brown
J. K,  IMSA Brown
H. K,  Woodlands Academy Carnegie Mellon
J. K,  IMSA Cornell
S. S,  Barrington HS Cornell
J. J,  New Trier HS Cornell
S. H,  Fremd HS Dartmouth
D. L,  Barrington HS Indiana U
E. L,  Loyola Academy Johns Hopkins
K. K, St. Charles East HS Northwestern
J. K,  New Trier HS Northwestern
P. A,  IMSA Northwestern – HPME
A. K,  Lake Forest HS NYU
V. S,  New Trier HS Smith C
D. K,  Stevenson HS Stanford
A. K,  Woodlands Academy The Sch of the Art Inst of Chicago
S. K,  Good Counsel HS The Sch of the Art Inst of Chicago
J. K,  Rockford, IL U of Illinois
H. K,   Glenbrook South HS U of I (UIUC)
S. L,  Niles North HS U of I – Business
A. L,  Lyons Township HS U of I – Engineering
C.  L ,  John Hersey HS U of I – Engineering
P. K,  Glenbrook South HS U of I – Engineering
H. A,  DeKalb, IL U of Wisconsin
A. L,  Libertyville HS U of Wisconsin – PrePharm
S. B,  Lake Forest Academy UIC-GPPA
J. Y,  Barrington HS UIC-GPPA
I. B,  Glenbrook South HS UIC-PrePharm
R. J,  Fenwick HS Vanderbilt
J. L,  Glenbrook North HS Vanderbilt
L. O,  Phillips Academy Yale
G. L,  Glenbrook North HS Yale


Student Name, H.S. or City Universities Accepted
H. H,  Lake Forest Academy Carnegie Mellon
J. K,  Wilmette Cornell University
J. K,  Northfield Columbia University
D. K,  Northbrook George Washington U
I. J,  Stevenson George Washington U
A. K,  Oakbrook Harvard
D. K,  Lincolnwood Harvard
C. A,  Hinsdale Indiana U ($)
E. L,  Glenview Johns Hopkins
E. C,  Whitney Young Johns Hopkins
Y. L,  Glenbrook South Northwestern
P. Y,  Hoffman Estates Northwestern
A. H,  Rolling Meadow Northwestern
K. K,  St. Charles East Northwestern
L. K,  Stevenson Northwestern
P. Y,  Northbrook Northwestern ($)
S. K,  Fremd HS NYU
J. H,  Buffalo Grove Parsons Sch of Design
K. Y,  Stevenson Penn State
A. M,  Wheaton Warren Purdue  ($)
D. L,  Northbrook Stanford
H. K,  Bloomingdale U of Chicago
E. K,  Buffalo Grove U of I – Business
J. K,  Hoffman Estates U of I – Business
J. L,  Iowa City, IA U of Iowa
S. S,  St. Joseph, MI U of Michigan
E. L,  Glenview U of Michigan
J. L,  Lincoln Park U of Michigan
D. P,  Warren Township U of Michigan ($)
S. S,  Mt. Prospect U of Pennsylvania
A. L,  New Trier U of Pennsylvania
J. K,  John Hersey U of Texas ($)
S. Y,  Glenbrook North UIC-GPPA
H. K,  Prairie View UIC-PGGA
S. H,  Winnetka Vanderbilt
H. B,  Northbrook Yale