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How We Teach

Ivy’s Approach for Success

Ivy Success tutoring/teaching engages through a four-step approach to build core academic skills in Math, English and other subjects.

Step 1: Diagnostic Testing and Goal-Setting Advising

  • Determine student’s strengths and weaknesses in each subject area
  • Set up a customized study plan to achieve each student’s goals and satisfy his/her academic needs

Step 2: Laying the Foundation for Each Subject Area

  • Introduce and explain fundamentals of a new subject area (daily lesson topics)
  • Ivy teachers encourage active responses from all students, and explain problem-solving strategies, especially for Math and Science topics.
  • Have student exercise his/her understanding by applying what they have learned to basic problem solving under guidance.

Step 3: Reinforcing Understanding

  • Encourage student to tackle new challenges
  • Apply problem-solving strategies independently to advanced problems

Step 4: Individual Summary and Confidence

  • Student makes own conclusive notes and strategies about the daily lesson topics learned
  • Student enjoys achievement and newfound confidence.

Excellent Teachers and Instructional Delivery

Excellent Teachers:

Ivy’s rigorous interview process ensure our students get the well-qualified teachers.  We train all teachers extensively before they start to teach at Ivy and continuously monitor their quality of teaching.

Teaching Formats:                                                   

Ivy offers various teaching formats and instructional delivery methods to satisfy each student’s needs and goals.  Ivy offers both in-person tutoring and real-time online learning.  All methods are interactive, and thus students’ active engagement in learning is strongly encouraged and expected.

For in-person tutoring:

  1. One-on-One tutoring (O)
  2. Private tutoring (P: 2 students per instructor)
  3. Small Group teaching (G: typically 2-4 students per class, as of April 2022)

For online tutoring:

  1. One-on-One tutoring (O)
  2. Small Group teaching (G)

Ivy can offer a customized study plan, individualized learning process, to meet each student’s unique needs and goals.

We regularly report the student’s progress to parents and implement parents’ feedback.

Flexible Learning Schedule

Ivy’s flexible tutoring or small group teaching schedule will meet your demanding schedule.

Students are placed to the appropriate level or program based on their diagnostic test scores and their academic goals.

Each student’s customized study plan will determine his/her tutoring schedule at Ivy.  Tutoring schedules can be re-arranged by contacting the Ivy Office one day prior (e.g., by Friday 5 pm for Saturday tutoring sessions).

Students who are enrolled in small group teaching (G) can join any session which fits best to the parent and student if two or more same (or similar) sessions are provided weekly.