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What We Teach

Our Services

ACT / SAT / PSAT Test Prep

SAT: boost 200-350 points

ACT: improve 5 – 8 points

Math Tutoring

6th – 12th

PreAlgebra, Algebra, Geometry,

Adv Algebra/Trigonometry, AP Calculus

Physics and Chemstry

English Tutoring

6th – 12th

Reading / Vocabulary, Writing / Grammar

College Admissions Essay Writing

ESL English

Our Goal and Our Hope

We believe that all children (students) are priceless blessings who can excel with an optimized learning environment.  Our goal is to not only provide the most authentic, well-versed learning and test-prepping approach to help our students achieve their academic success but to also actively engage them to become active learners who enjoy the learning process that goes along with it.

We hope that our students will leave Ivy’s classrooms with a healthy attitude ready to conquer any exam or academic challenge that comes their way.