SAT ACT Overview

Subject        SAT        ACT
Math Math     58 Q / 80 min

NC 20Q/25min, C 38Q/55 min

Up to Advanced Math

Math    60 Q / 60 min


Up to basic Trigonometry

Reading Evidence-based Reading

52 Q / 65 min

Reading    40 Q / 35 min
English Language Art Evidence-based Writing and Language        44 Q / 35 min English      75 Q / 45 min
Science Analysis in Science can be found in Rd, WL and Math Science (reasoning)

40 Q / 35 min

Social Studies Analysis in History/SS can be found in Rd and WL SS can be found in Rd.
Essay Writing Optional  1 Q / 50 min Optional  1 Q / 40 min
Score 800: Evidence-based Reading and Writing

800: Math (C and NC)

Each 36 scaled score

Composite score 36

Timing 180 min (excluding essay) 175 min (excluding essay)
Test Dates 7 dates per year 7 dates per year
When to take


11th Fall, Spring (May, June)

12th Fall

11th Fall, Spring (April, June)

12th Fall

Note SAT Subject Test

11th May, 12th Fall

PSAT      11th  October

Last test date for admissions

ED (11/1): Oct. test

RD (12/31): Dec. test

Note: The two tests are very similar to each other.

The ACT measures your achievement in core academic areas important for your college readiness and career success: Math, English, Science, Reading and Language (Grammar).

The College Board claims that the redesigned SAT, introduced in Spring 2016, is an achievement test rather than an aptitude test. An achievement test assesses how well you have mastered important knowledge and skills. The ACT or SAT does not measure your intrinsic intelligence.  Therefore, Ivy can effectively facilitate in boosting your English and math skills to obtain the test scores required for admittance into your preferred university or college.

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