Ivy’s SAT program

Ivy’s SAT crash course for ensuring your test score improvement


In teaching the Math Test of the SAT

We will introduce and/or review fundamental concepts in algebra, geometry, advanced algebra and mathematical thinking skills. Students will practice Dr. Yu’s six-step method for solving complicated story problems. As limited time is allowed on the real SAT test, we will practice solving problems efficiently on timed activities in class.

In teaching the Reading Test of the SAT

We guide students through the fundamentals by means of evidence-based discussion on given passages or articles. We teach how to determine the author’s main point and how he/she provides evidence to support his/her claims. In addition, we teach how to elucidate the meaning of a word in its context, how to interpret given graphs or data, and how to draw conclusions.

In teaching the Writing and Language Test of the SAT

We start with showing the building blocks of writing (grammar basics), such as sentence structures and subject-verb agreement. Additionally, we teach punctuation, effective sentence use (conciseness, coordination, and subordination). Based on an enriched knowledge of English grammar, we teach our students how to improve (organize) given sentences or paragraphs to sharpen an argument and provide support. Through analyzing passages, our students will revise sentences through a critical lens.

The SAT consists of Math (800 points) and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (800 points), and an optional essay writing test.

Test                                Questions             Time 

Reading                          52                         65 minutes

Writing and Language     44                         35 minutes

Math (NC)                      20                         25 minutes

Math (Calculator)           38                         55 minutes

Essay Writing                 1 prompt               50 minutes


Call or Text  1-847-962-1809 (or 847-778-0085) for signing-up