Sunday Tutoring and Tutoring Subjects

Now Ivy offers tutoring sessions on Sundays.

Tutoring Hours: Pick your convenient schedule

Sunday: 1:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Saturday: 1:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Mon. – Friday: 4:30 pm – 9:30 pm


$100 Off: Ivy offers a $100 tuition discount for new students who enroll Ivy’s tutoring for 10+ weeks (22+ hours).

New students who enroll Ivy’s weekday (Monday – Friday) tutoring receive 20% off tuition.

Limited for the first 20 students.

Tutoring Subjects:


Ivy tutoring/teaching engages through a four-step approach to build core academic skills in each subject area.  Ivy offers either one-on-one tutoring or 2 students per tutor learning format.


<1> Math Enrichment  

5/6/7 th Graders – PreAlgebra;   7/8 th Graders – Algebra;

8/9/10 th Graders –  Geometry;   8/9/10 th Graders – Advanced Algebra/Trigonometry;  Calculus.

Problem-solving strategies.


<2> English : Reading/Writing/Grammar Enrichment for 5th-10th graders.

Improving reading skills by reading various essays and vocabulary building activities.  Writing practices and learning about expression of ideas  and standard English conventions.

<3> PSAT 8/9 :  Preparing for the high school placement test for 7/8 th graders.

English : Reading; Writing and Language/Grammar

Math: Heart of Algebra/PreAlgebra, Data/Graph Analysis, Problem Solving with Algebra (word problems) and Geometry.

<4> PSAT / NMSQT for 10/11 th gradersLet’s aim to obtain the prestigious National Merit Scholarship awards. We cover all subject areas for improving your test scores on the Pre-SAT and SAT.


<5> ACT Reading and ACT English  for 10/11/12 th graders

Join Ivy’s ACT test-prep cramming courses if you want to boost your test scores.

Better scores guaranteed.

<6> SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing for 10/11/12 th graders

Join Ivy’s SAT test-prep cramming courses if you need to brush up on your knowledge on the subjects evaluated by the SAT.   We teach you how to improve your problem-solving strategies to boost your test scores.  Better scores guaranteed.

<7> SAT/ACT Math and ACT Science for 10/11/12 th graders

Review the fundamental concepts in Algebra, Geometry and Science Reasoning.  Apply Dr. Yu’s six-step process for solving complicated story problems.

<8> Admissions Essays for 11/12 th graders

We help Ivy students improve their essay writing skills and produce well-written personal statements which will make their applications stand out.  We employ Ivy’s five-step approach for writing impressive admissions essays.

Proven Results:

Hundreds of former Ivy students got admission to Cornell, Harvard, Northwestern, Stanford, U of Illinois, U of Michigan, etc.

Study for Success since 1995


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20% Off tuition if you enroll the weekday tutoring sessions.