Spring 2020 SAT ACT test-prep Class Schedule

We wish you a happy new year !

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* 1:1 personalized tutoring or small group lesson (Tuition: $195)

Saturday small group class: $195 per 4 weeks per subject

    Math/Sci     9:30 am – 11:20  or  3:40 pm – 5:30

    English Writing/Grammar    11:40 am – 1:30

    Reading and Vocab      1:40 pm – 3:30

Friday small group class: $195 per 4 weeks per subject

    English Writing/Reading   4:30 pm – 6:20

    Math/Sci    6:30 pm – 8:20

* $100 tuition discount for qualified new students.

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* Brian Yu, Ph.D. from Northwestern University, who has accumulated his expertise in teaching as a tutor, college professor, approved school owner,

and college-prep consultant, directs all Ivy programs.

Brian has helped hundreds of former Ivy students to enter top colleges

such as Cornell, Harvard, Northwestern, Stanford, Univ of Illinois, and

Univ of Michigan.