Extension of Ivy Educational Services – Wheeling Classroom

Extension of Ivy Educational Services – Wheeling Classroom

We are pleased to announce that Ivy will extend its educational services by establishing a Classroom Extension in Wheeling beginning March 2020.

Ivy Education plans to offer more classes at 9815 Capitol Drive Suite 311, Wheeling, which is part of The Korean Cultural Center of Chicago.

Ivy Success teaching will continuously engage students through a four-step approach to build core academic skills in Math, English and other subjects.

Ivy students will practice Dr. Yu’s six-step process for tackling complicated math problems, which has been proven to be very effective.

Ivy has helped hundreds of students enter top colleges such as Cornell, Harvard, Northwestern, Stanford, Univ of Illinois, and Univ of Michigan.  Ivy will continuously provide in-class face-to-face interactive teaching methodology in a student-centered learning environment so that Ivy students can have ample opportunities to participate in small group or private tutoring sessions.

Please join Ivy’s tutoring services either in Northbrook or Wheeling. A special thanks to Ivy’s dedicated parents for making this extension of Wheeling Classroom possible.  To schedule an educational consultation with Dr. Yu and/or enroll Ivy’s tutoring programs, please email  info@ChicagoIvy.com, call or text 1-847-962-1809 or 1-847-778-0085.