Updated ACT SAT test dates

TO: Ivy Parents and Students

** As of May 16, 2020

A concerned mom texted me about the June 13 ACT test – is it cancelled?

My answer was that the upcoming 6.13  ACT test is scheduled to offer as of today.  But testing center is subject to change due to CDC and local health guidelines.  In fact, her daughter’s GBN test center has been cancelled and she should go to Hoffman Estates instead.

According to ACT.org, ACT has extended next ACT test (June 13)’s registration deadline by May 22 – NO LATE FEES!

Ivy has been tutoring juniors for the upcoming 6.13 and 7.18 ACT tests.

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** As of 5/7/2020,

6/13 and 7/18 ACT tests are scheduled.

Ivy has been providing ACT test-prep tutoring to prepare for the upcoming 6/13 and 7/18 tests.

But 6/6 SAT test is canceled.

SAT will provide SAT tests every month, beginning in August:

8/29, 9/26 (added), 10/3, 11/7, and 12/5/2020.

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Stay safe and healthy!  – Ivy