5th – 10th Math English Enrichment programs over summer

Ivy’s Online Learning – Summer Schedule

Ivy’s real-time online interactive tutoring for 5th– 10th graders.


Ivy helps our students keep engaged in interactive learning at home

via Ivy’s real-time online interactive tutoring to improve their Math and English skills.

Stay safe and healthy!


Students/parents can choose convenient schedule for 1: 1 tutoring at Ivy.


Small Group Tutoring Schedule:


5/6th    English I and PreAlgebra I:  Mon and Wed.,  9 am – 1 pm

6/7th    English II and PreAlgebra II:  Tue and Thr., 9 am – 1 pm

7/8th    Algebra I  and English III :    Mon and Wed.,  9 am – 1 pm

8/9/10th   Algebra II/Geometry and English IV : Tue and Thr., 9 am – 1 pm

Math program: Expert tutors work with students interactively in real-time to build Math

foundations in Pre-Algebra, Pre-Algebra II, Algebra and H.S. placement prep,

Algebra II/Geometry and PSAT prep.

We teach mathematically thinking skills and problem-solving strategies that

our students need to have confidence and enhance their GPAs.


English program: Reading/Writing Enrichment is also called “Super Battle of Books.”

It is kind of reading club that Ivy English tutors motivate our students read books avidly and engage in critical reading and building vocabulary activities.  Along with writing book reports and other writing activities, we also teach English language (grammar) and essay writing skills.

Ivy’s English program lays a foundation for the SAT ACT Reading tests.


Some of Ivy books selected for Ivy’s Super Battle of Books are:

The Call of the wild                            The Acorn People

America street                                     Dragonwings

The Devil’s Arithmetic                       Eyes of Kid Midas

Holes                                                   The Lion, witch and wardrobe

Fahrenheit 451                                    Frankenstein

The Giver                                            The Joy luck club

The Great Gatsby                               The House of dies drear

The 6th grade nickname game             Samurai’s garden

Wrinkle in time                                   Year of impossible goodbyes

10% tuition discount if you enroll small group (G) programs for

both subjects of Math and English  by 5/30/2020.

For more information, call or text 1-847-962-1809,  847-778-0085

or info@ChicagoIvy.com