Ivy’s Fall Semester Schedule

Ivy’s Fall Semester Programs :

Tutoring format  수업 방법 / 개인 지도 방식: 

      In-person 강의실 학습 or  Online 온라인 강의 모두 가능

      1:1 Tutoring  or  2:1 (with a friend) Tutoring

      At Ivy Education in Northbrook, we provide interactive and personalized SAT / ACT test prep lessons. 

       Your score improvement is guaranteed. 


1) ACT / SAT / PSAT   test prep for entering elite universities

      Goal to achieve: ACT 33 or higher,  SAT 1500 or above 

       Proven results: Ivy has helped many students to enter the Ivy League Colleges and other prestigious Universities since 1995.

2)  ACT / SAT  test prep for entering top state universities

      Get help at Ivy to boost your ACT or SAT test scores

3) 6th – 10th Math: Algebra, Geometry, Pre-Calculus

         1:1  or  2:1  tutoring (with a friend)

4) 6th – 10th English: Writing and Grammar

              1:1  or  2:1  tutoring (with a friend)

Tutoring Schedule (flexible):

      Mon / Tue / Wed / Thr  4:10 pm  – 6 pm   or  6:10 – 8 pm

Saturday  10:10 am – Noon   or  1:10 – 3 pm  or 3:40 – 5:30 pm


For signup:   Text: 1-847-962-1809  or  Email: info@ChicagoIvy.com

Please make an appointment before you visit the Ivy Office in Northbrook.

Please wear your facial mask and follow CDC health guidance.

Director: Brian Yu, Ph.D.     former Northwestern Univ. professor