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Enroll now at Ivy !   $100 Off for new students

Chicago Ivy Education offers a $100 tuition discount for new students who enroll Ivy by 5/29/2021.  Eligible students should be motivated to study hard at Ivy. His/her tuition is more than $1500 and be paid in advance.

Ivy Offers SAT ACT test prep programs for the upcoming 6/12, 7/17, 9/11/2021 ACT and  6/5, 8/28, 10/2/2021 SAT.

Ivy Offers Math and English enrichment programs for 6th – 10th graders.

Admissions Essay Writing and Financial Aid Application

1:1 individualized tutoring  or  2:1 interactive tutoring in Northbrook.

Flexible hours, 2 hours per subject per day.

소수 학생만 선발하여 개인지도 함으로, 강의시간은 부모님/학생에 맞게 조절가능함.


Proven Results: Hundreds of former Ivy students have improved their SAT ACT scores and entered top colleges such as Harvard, Northwestern, Univ. of Illinois, Univ. of Michigan, etc.

Take Dr. Brian Yu’s Math Tutoring and improve your math skills:

In-person interactive learning by former professor of Engineering at Northwestern Univ.

Tens of former Ivy students achieved the perfect scores in the ACT and SAT tests.

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