Ivy’s Services on Admission Essay Writing

Ivy’s Services on Admission Essay Writing

Ivy can help!

We guide high-school seniors (or graduate school applicants) through writing their personal statements for admissions.

To gain admission into competitive universities, polishing your impressive personal statement (“admission essay”) can be the last step you should focus on your application which include very high scores on the ACT / SAT test(s), stellar GPA, accomplished extracurricular activities and teacher recommendations.

Helping you improve your essay writing skills is part of our educational services. A well-written personal statement can make your application stand out.

Admission Essay Writing Process:

아이비는 학생들을 가르치고,  학생 자신을 소개하는 진학 에세이 을 잘 써서 입학 사정관에게 감동을 주고 합격하도록 도와 드립니다.

아이비는 초안 작성부터 최종 점검까지 단계적으로 글쓰기 요령을 가르쳐서,  학생들이 진학 에세이 잘 쓰고 원하는 대학에 합격하도록 도와 드립니다.


Step 1                   Send your request to info@ChicagoIvy.com and set up an appointment.

Step 2                   Brainstorming.

Step 3                   You write your first draft. Ivy’s counselor will coach you on how to organize your personal stories and depict your unique personality.


Step 4                   Revise and edit your essays.  Ivy’s counselor reads your first and second drafts critically and walks through how to polish your essays.


Final Step

When you are sure that you have met all four criteria described in Good (Admission Essay) writing should have the following traits, then you submit your essays, along with other pertinent application materials, to the universities of your choice.

학생이 쓴 에세이가  우수한 진학 에세이가 갖추어야 할 네가지 항목  통과했는지

최종 점검해 주고 원하는 대학에 합격하도록 도와 드립니다.

For more information, please contact Ivy at 1-847-962-1809